Apartment Features


  • Large windows
  • Open porches
  • Enclosed porches
  • Tile flooring
  • Wood cabinets
  • Ceramic tile tub surround
  • Cable access


99ase Terms – 2023


Apartments Rates / Month Security Deposit
Efficiencies $972.00 $927.00
1 Bedroom $1,199.00 $1,199.00
1 Bedroom / open porch $1,239.00 $1,239.00
1 Bedroom / enclosed porch $1,312.00 $1,312.00
Earnest Deposit $50.00
Credit Report  $25.00
Criminal Report $25.00


Greenbelt Maryland 1937

Parkway Apartments Rental Requirements


A subsidiary of Greenbelt Homes, Inc.

All applicants must be 21years of age or older and meet the following criteria:

• Have a minimum of 1 year rental history.
• Demonstrate a history free of payment problems during the past three (3) years.
• All applicants must demonstrate a history free of behavioral complaints during the past three (3) years.
• Show a credit history for each applicant with no evictions from residential premises or bad debt losses to creditors during the past three (3) years.
• Demonstrate a verifiable steady source of household income which will be sustained through the rental period such that no more than 33% of gross monthly income is required to pay monthly rent, and no more than 42% to total monthly debt. If there is no other monthly debt, such as credit cards, student loans, car loans, revolving credit, etc., 38% of the gross monthly income is allowed to pay monthly rent. Applicants may combine their incomes to meet the income requirements and may include alimony, child support, and governmental assistance income. The gross monthly income of the applicant(s) shall be used in calculating the income requirements.
• All applicants must show two pieces of identification, one which must be a photo I.D. (Driver’s license, Social Security card, passport or documentation from the immigration and Naturalization Service.)
• Incomplete or false information and criminal convictions for certain types of crimes will result in denial of your application.
• Depending on the nature, severity, and recency of the crime, an applicant may be denied if they have been convicted, pled guilty or no contest to a felony crime within the last ten years, or a misdemeanor within the last three years. An application will be denied if an applicant has been previously convicted for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance.
• There is a non-refundable $50.00 credit and criminal report fee for each applicant. There is also a $50.00 earnest deposit, conditionally refundable fee. If you are accepted, the earnest deposit will be applied to your first month’s rent. If you withdraw after we have incurred screening expenses, we will not refund your earnest deposit. In all other cases, the earnest deposit will be refunded.

In the event that the applicant is lacking rental history and meets all other areas, that applicant will require a co-signer.

Roommates (applicants not legally married) must qualify separately otherwise a co-signer will be required for the applicant not meeting the financial requirement.

All who will reside in the apartment of age 18 years and older, must submit to a background check for any criminal record.



Available Apartments


For information about available apartments, please contact the Agent at or by phone at 301-474-4161.