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Greenbelt Homes Incorporated (GHI) is a cooperatively owned community of 1600 homes located in historic Greenbelt Maryland, surrounded by woodlands in Prince George’s County. Just minutes to the District of Columbia, NASA, and the University of Maryland, and convenient to local and regional amenities, commerce and public transportation, GHI is an urban setting and lifestyle like no other.

With member participation encouraged, we remain fiscally healthy, self-governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors and various committees consisting of community resident members and supported by our own on-site maintenance staff and facility.

GHI is a welcoming, diverse, inclusive and enduring community. Many members have lived here for decades or represent a second generation after acquiring their units from parents or family members. Others have downsized from a single-family home elsewhere or a two- or three-bedroom unit to an apartment style unit in order to live in the community while aging in place. Many first-time purchasers have begun growing their families here. The units are quaintly unique as some members have added additions or decks to provide more living space or have creatively landscaped their yards with ornamental or food-producing gardens. Interior walkways encourage neighborly interactions among members and generous yard space for every home allows for socializing outdoors. Common areas are often used for court parties. There are many trails throughout the woodlands surrounding the community that are perfect for hiking or walking.

When you choose to live in the GHI housing cooperative, you will find more than a house. You will join an engaged, active community of people who value community. We hope you will become involved and work with your neighbors in the cooperative spirit to create the community you want.

Living in GHI

What is a Co-op?

A housing cooperative or “co-op” is formed when people join with each other to own and manage their homes. When you join a cooperative, member-owners together own the cooperative and share the operating costs. GHI is one of the oldest and largest housing cooperatives in the United States.

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Greenbelt Homes, Inc. is a cooperative that provides quality homes for our members and fosters opportunities for community. We will accomplish this by celebrating and respecting the historical legacy and ideals of the original Greenbelt plan.

We will maintain, protect and enhance the assets of our cooperative including the buildings, architectural design, open space plan (woods, walkways, playgrounds), while preserving the financial stability and sustainability of our cooperative community.

We will promote member diversity, member and community involvement, and education regarding our rights and responsibilities as co-op members. We are the keepers of our property, and we have the right to expect that all of us will act responsibly to protect and care for that which each own and treasure together.

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The first GHI homes were built in 1937. The federal government started this project during the Great Depression in order to create jobs while providing much-needed affordable housing. Greenbelt’s plan featured inner walkways, underpasses, playgrounds, schools, businesses, and facilities for recreation. Row houses and apartments were grouped into superblocks which separated pedestrians from road traffic.

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Like all privileges, membership entails certain responsibilities; these responsibilities are prescribed by the Mutual Ownership Contract (MOC) or Member Handbook and the Bylaws.

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GHI Committees and Task Forces advise the Board of Directors. They study specific problems referred by the Board and suggest solutions. Committees and Task Forces may also exercise initiative within assigned areas of responsibility and may suggest rules, short and long-range plans, programs, and policies. Task Forces are appointed by the Board of Directors to work on a specific short-term project. Committees and Taskforces consist of volunteers from the membership.


GHI members annually elect candidates to three types of elected office: the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, and the Nominations & Elections Committee.

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Companion Animals

Companion animals are most welcome in GHI with a very few exceptions set by the laws of Prince George’s County. The Companion Animal Committee can assist with the transition to living in GHI and has many resources for keeping companion animals healthy and happy. For limitations and county licensing requirements see: https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/234/Animal-Licensing


GHI members are committed to the Forest Conservation Management (FCM) plan for our woodlands and to activities that educate GHI members about the care and understanding of the woodlands, including its trails, plants, and animals. There are 93 acres of woodlands and numerous common-area gardens that are accessible to members for hiking, walking, and enjoying during all seasons of the year. Nine trails and 25 garden areas are all maintained by GHI member volunteers.


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