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If you visit the Greenbelt Museum, you can watch the introductory video about the founding of the New Deal-era town in the 1930s. Prospective residents had to undergo a rigorous application process that included an interview with a woman named Mary Jane Kinser. One of the qualities that Ms. Kinser was looking for in prospective residents was the willingness to become active in the new community. And thus, the spirit of volunteerism in Greenbelt was born. In the 1930s and 1940s, the residents planted victory gardens, organized youth activities, and started a volunteer-run newspaper, which still exists today as the Greenbelt News Review.

Fast forward to the present day, with a multitude of volunteer opportunities that exist in GHI, the City of Greenbelt, and the community. GHI members can run for the GHI board or one of the two elected committees. Members can also serve on board-appointed committees and task forces or participate in activities such as a Woodlands Committee clean-up day. In the past, members have applied for grants to accomplish special projects.

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Volunteer opportunities also exist in the City of Greenbelt and the wider community. The City of Greenbelt has advisory committees on everything from the care of our woodlands, to parks and recreation facilities, to public arts policies. Local cooperatives, institutions, and arts organizations also have a multitude of opportunities for volunteers with a myriad of skills and interests. Budding journalists can volunteer to write, copyedit, and proofread for the Greenbelt News Review. An armchair historian can become a docent at the Greenbelt Museum. An amateur theater buff can make costumes, paint sets, or sell tickets for the Greenbelt Arts Center. Look around, and you will find volunteer opportunities for all types of skills and interests.

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